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Friday, October 15, 2010

Neo-Feudal Overlords Will Be Neo-Feudal Overlords

Digby, it's an idea, but if the bank$ters go to jail, they'll try to drag every defaulting debtor in the country with them. The $ecurity-industrial complex that now has its claws on our government will be more than happy to accommodate them with tasers.

But behaving like Iceland? One of your commentors, Graham Firchlis, excitedly says

...Iceland is a small country; those 8,000 protestors represent 2.5% of the population. An equivalent assembly in the US would number 7.75 million. If nearly 8 million people descended in protest on DC, the party in power and the opposition would both feel highly motivated...

Well, yes, they'd be motivated to pull out their non-lethal weapons, microwave rays, tazers, acoustic weapons, all kinds of experimental goodies they've been planning to use on troublesome civilians since Cheney got in office. Likely before. Concentration Internment camps. Martial law, at long last. They've been looking for an excuse, and they've known it's coming.

Why else have they been planning for it for so long? The Company specializes in Intelligence. You seriously think they don't realize what their owners have been doing to the people of this country, and how the people have been likely to respond?

That's a bit part of the reason for Faux News. Dis information and misinformation works wonders on those who are inclined to hate. They've very effectively channeled the outrage of many of the proles into the Tea Party between the venality of the Democrats and the Republican appeal to fear.

They wouldn't mind half of America imprisoned just to make sure the other half sweats even harder for better chocorations.

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