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Saturday, June 04, 2011

he can't Stand Tall when he's on the Down Low

Bernie speaks, you listen:

...Will the president remain strong in his demand that any deficit reduction agreement include an end to Bush's tax breaks for the wealthy? Will he really fight to eliminate corporate tax loopholes? Will he end the absurd policies which allow the rich and large corporations to avoid paying tens of billions in taxes by establishing phony addresses in off-shore tax havens? Or, as he has done within the last year, will he give Republicans almost everything they want at the expense of ordinary Americans...

The answers to that would be no, no,no and you betcha.

As Avedon says:

...why did Senator Obama rush back to Washington to save TARP from the oblivion it deserved? Why did he vote against a 30% cap on usury? Why did he start babbling nonsense about the "Social Security crisis"?

And why did President Obama work so hard to keep Single-Payer not just off the table but beneath mention? Why did he extend the Bush tax-shift? Why did he start the whole "we have to do something about entitlements" meme rushing through Washington as soon as he got into office? Why did he create the Catfood Commission?

Con men are genial and charming. The fact that they don't use a gun may make them seem more genteel than a street thug, but a street thug only takes what's in your pocket today. A con man usually cleans out your bank account.

And Obama and his friends are going even farther - they're taking your house, your pension, and your future.

...There is no "better president" option among any of the leading or likely contenders. They all, including Obama, believe in the same things and they are all a disaster.

Obama himself spoke highly of the Ryan plan.

Of course, they are all a disaster. They're all owned by the same people. And Chaos is the Plan.

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