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Friday, July 08, 2011

chicago colors

Krugman writes it on the sidewalk for the Faithful: the Laureate is the first black right-wing President.

...I don’t believe that it’s all political calculation. Watching Mr. Obama and listening to his recent statements, it’s hard not to get the impression that he is now turning for advice to people who really believe that the deficit, not unemployment, is the top issue facing America right now, and who also believe that the great bulk of deficit reduction should come from spending cuts. It’s worth noting that even Republicans weren’t suggesting cuts to Social Security; this is something Mr. Obama and those he listens to apparently want for its own sake.

Which raises the big question: If a debt deal does emerge, and it overwhelmingly reflects conservative priorities and ideology, should Democrats in Congress vote for it?

It seems some remain cognizant of the political suicide inherent in talking about it.

The Laureate with the wrong motivation is on the wrong side of the calculation.

Or is it as Naomi Klein saw in June 2008, the wrong programing and a garbage-in, garbage-out situation?

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