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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Nothing to See Here!

The official story is absence of evidence is evidence of absence, there was no environmental contaminant because all the right tests didn't show 'em, so move along, move along.


Anonymous said...


What happened? Did they discover your undisclosed location?

I used to match you against Cryptogon and MofA.

It's getting less surprising out here - and becoming more prosaically horrific...

kelley b. said...

Thank you, that's high praise. Feel free to email me anytime if you wish for more details.

But yes, my undisclosed location is pretty well outed to those who can lean on me the easiest. So while I continue the watch, I do not post too publicly about things the public can not digest.

And as far as the horror goes- it has always been there for those with the eyes to see it. At some point, we must take a stand.

However, there are winnable battles, and those that can not be won. The way the sands in desert of the real blow, to make a public stand in the daylight is to be devoured by Shai-hulud. Better to hook the maker and ride it where you will.

Again, I invite those who enjoy my thoughts to drop me an email.