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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ford Drank the Kool-Aid

Disaster for the American worker, despite all the sunny news from Wall Street and Dear Leader's minions about how great the economy is for his Base. Ford's trying to dump 75,000 workers, a third of its work force, including white collar executives as well. You can bet the remaining jobs will be moving out of the country.

With sales off and worker buy-outs Ford could end up $9.5 billion in the red.

Who's buying out Ford? These things are kept pretty quiet to those of us on the outside. Apparently Citigroup is involved, enough for one of its executives, a former US Treasury secretary, to leave the Board at Ford to avoid appearance of conflict of interest. On the other hand, Bill Ford has been forced to turn over the job of CEO to an "ex" head of Boeing for a "minimum" of $20.5 million per year.

Why did this happen?

Cheneyburton really, really wanted to invade Iraq before 9-11.

Cheneyburton sold the war as a sure thing, and said the oil would flow cheaper than ever.

Did he tell William Ford the same thing in 2003? Is that why Ford insisted on promoting SUVs and trucks as its main product? Because certainly the price of gasoline had to come down.

Now it is coming down- because the resistance of the military to start a war with Iran as things stand mean the futures aren't as valuable.

It also helps to ease consumer hostility to Dear Leader's policies in an election year. This election being rather crucial. The mood of the American public being what it is, with only Dear Leader's Faithful 30% supporting him, a Democratic-controlled Congress might be in the mood to Impeach. And that might send Dear Leader, Lord Cheneyburton, and Darth Rumsfeld to the Hague.

But the scam gets even better, if Ford really stuck with the promotion of gas guzzling light trucks because of the advice of his Adminstration contacts.

Especially if the Citigroup "assistance" means that the Carlyle Group, who specialize in these kind of corporate raids, comes out on top.

Imagine: Dick Cheney tells Ford he'll make a lot of money, because in our New American Century, the Empire just takes what it wants. With Iraq, and Iran, as fiefdoms, the oil will flow like water in a Michigan river.

Imagine Dick Cheney telling him that even though he knows better- because it might give the Company an "in" on the Big Three.

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