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Friday, September 22, 2006

The M.B.A. Preznitcy

MBA students are the biggest cheats of all graduate students, with 56 per cent admitting to misdemeanours such as using crib notes in exams, plagiarism and downloading essays from the web.

The statistic comes from a survey of graduate students to be published in the Academy of Management Learning and Education journal. The report is based on data from about 5,300 survey respondents at 54 colleges and universities in the US and Canada, including 623 students in 32 graduate business programmes.

The report will be unpleasant reading to US business schools, many of which are still smarting from the involvement of their alumni in the corporate scandals of recent years: Jeffrey Skilling, former chief executive of Enron, received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1979, for example...

It's the entrepreneural form of government, with a thousand points of light, aimed right into your face while it's picking your pocket, or sifting through your files when you're at work.

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