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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Eve of the Dead

Edwards gets uneasy as the Frontrunner moans, "Braaiiinnnsss"

Of course, HHHillary's new hometown paper of record expects you to believe this tripe:

Taken together, the events of the day suggested the difficulties Mrs. Clinton faces as she in effect tries to bridge two very different electorates: Democratic primary voters and general election voters. Going into the debate last night, she had been largely successful offering views on Iran, Iraq, and Social Security tailored to a general election audience.

Successful, indeed, and please pass the avocado dip. I am sure the general election audience is all for the things HHHillary supports, like RealID, keeping troops in Iraq Forevah, and extending the War on Terra to Iran. I'm sure the general audience can't be compared to those difficult Democrats that vote in primaries. I'm sure that's why Ron Paul is so unpopular among the working class republicans, and why Rudy also scores so well with them once he leaves his own focus group polls.

Somebody give me an honest zombie. Or better yet, somebody who knows how to deal with zombies and the Company that infected them.

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