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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Piecetime Precedent

Digby and others are very upset that a tea bagger is poised to upset the Senatorial seat of Ted Kennedy.

Rightly so. If there is anything more destructive than intelligent corrupt idiots running things, it is clueless corrupt idiots running things. See for example the record of George W. Bush.

But Digby should know by now this is part of the plan. Feign a shift to left to produce a much greater shift to the right. Consider how difficult it would have been for the banksters and the Pentagon if Cheney had taken over the presidency from his figurehead. Cheney, Addington, and that cabal did not understand the village collective hive mind.

The idea is slow simmering world war profiting the families that would own the world, not the rush to Empire that the Cheney cabal lusts for.

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