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Monday, April 05, 2010

If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance...

baffle 'em with bullshit, and the Great Orange Satan remains probably one of the most befuddled forums in cyberspace.

...In a baffling reversal on yet another environmental issue, the Obama administration has decided to defend in court a Bush-era regulation that allows unlimited dumping fo hard rock mining waste on public land, in Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management holdings...

I'll make it real simple for you, mcjoan. Don't listen to what they say. Watch what they do. It all gets really clear then.

Although there seem to be a few sniffing suspiciously at the sandwich they've bought. Reproduced here, before the Orange One takes it down, LaFeminista:

You Leftists are ruining our chances in November!!!

For that I apologise....


Apart from finding the term leftist in America a little hard to fathom...

What leftist policies have been implemented?

Private Health Insurance for all?

I thought that was a Republican dream; until it wasn't.

I must have been mistaken that it had something to do with the evils of a single payer system.

My bad.

Drill baby Drill!!

I thought that was a Republican dream; Oh wait, there are still places we cant drill. Oil Independence is on the way, oh yes it is!! Even though it has been proved it most certainly is not.

Shame, I thought the green economy was on the agenda..

Roe v Wade undermining

I thought that was a Republican dream? Hell we show them every time the Hyde amendment comes around, hell we even get the President to write an executive order. Take that republicans! What next, minutemen guarding my vagina?

I thought Roe v Wade was settled law.

Silly me.


I thought that was a Republican dream? No matter how puerile heterosexual marriage can get, its still better than teh evils of teh gay marriage.

Yes but we are talking about repealing DADT, sort of anyway. Step by step equal rights!! Half a right is better than none at all!

Oh, how could I?

Welfare for the wealthy

I thought that was a Republican dream? No matter how badly they screw up, give a tax break, hell throw a whole pile of cash their way even. Forget changing the fundamentals, just make toothless regulation by legislation.

Look, useless legislation is better than none at all.

Pardon me.

War on Terror

I thought that was a Republican dream? Fight them everywhere but here, surge baby, surge. They will love us in the end! Terrorism is unfair, they should fight us on the battle field, cowards! Hey lets throw another $750 billion at the military just in case we could possibly lose. Collateral damage, don't even go there sunshine!

I thought we would ask ourselves a question or two, the first couple being. Why do they fight, and why us?

Surge me silly.


I thought that was a Republican dream? Whereby, no matter what the vote, republicans have a majority. Hell, we can even take their policies an call them our own, forcing the republicans to the right! Hell, Nixon would be one of us, he ran on peace, then surged.

So much for being centre left.

Hey ho.


Yep, I'm losing the elections in November with all these leftist policies that have been implemented, and I didn't even mention:

The Patriot Act

The Military Commissions Act


Habeas Corpus,Guantanamo, Bagram, and Abu Gharib; total silence on my part.

Torture, not a word.

Illegal War, I didn't say a thing.

How much I love executive orders.



I am.


Apparently I have now also ruined kos with my snark, and method of expression. For this I do humbly submit my deepest regrets, or some such.

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