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Sunday, April 04, 2010

nice cat if you can bell it, mousies

You really do need to.

The EPA is making noises about going after the real deal.

This is the real problem with carbon dioxide emissions. People get upset when I say it, but global warming at its worst creates a world with greater biodiversity. The tropics have extended to the poles in the past, as recently as 5 million years ago, and by the fossil record, life does just fine.

Kill off the oceans, though, and you are in for a world of trouble unless you're a jellyfish.

Scientists suspect that acidic water connected with upwelling killed several billion oyster, clam and mussel larvae that were being raised at the Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery near Tillamook on the Oregon coast in the summer of 2008. The hatchery provides baby shellfish to growers up and down the West Coast.

Shellfish growers in Washington state, who supply one-sixth of the nation's oysters, increasingly are concerned that corrosive ocean water entering coastal bays could threaten their $111 million industry.

Acid levels in other areas of upwelling — off Africa, South America and Portugal — haven't been studied as intensely as those off the U.S. West Coast have.

Feely said the oceans' acidity levels were higher than they'd been at any time in the past 20 million years. Based on "pretty good" evidence, Feely said, previous high acid levels in the oceans have caused mass extinctions of marine plants and animals, which can take 2 million to 10 million years to re-evolve...

Given the debacle known as health care reform, you can count on the Oborg to quickly triangulate the reform minded EPA people into irrelevancy.

The only bells I'm hearing are on this joker:

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