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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

don't task don't shill

Ian Welsh:

...what I care about is that she has almost no record which will indicate how she’ll vote and much of what we do know, isn’t good.

What I do care about is that Obama’s word is not “good enough” for me, nor should it be good enough for anyone, given his record on civil liberties and his constant actions against liberal interests.

If the left had any balls at all, it would attempt to sink Kagan, insisting on the left wing equivalent, ideologically, or Scalia or Roberts—someone whose legal philosophy we don’t have to guess about. But it’s true that Kagan isn’t like Miers, because the left isn’t like the right—its leaders have no guts...

This n-dimensional chess crap always seemed a fishy con.

Just ask the dolphins on the Gulf. Just don't expect a reply any time soon.

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