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Saturday, May 01, 2010

forget the word "spill"

via oyster:

... Forget the word “spill.”


“This isn’t a spill,” said Kerry St. Pe, who headed Louisiana’s oil spill response team for 23 years. “This isn’t a storage tank or a ship with a finite amount of oil that has boundaries. This is much, much worse.”

It’s a river of oil flowing from the bottom of the Gulf at the rate of 210,000 gallons a day that officials say could be running for two months or more...

Rivers of hydrocarbons are going to play havoc with the entire Gulf ecosystem.

It's summer. I wonder what the albedo of crude oil on top of water is without normal evaporation to cool the surface?

So it Could be a nasty hurricane season, too.

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oyster said...

Thanks for the link, Kelly. I hear Ann Arbor is a nice place to summer. Maybe I should take an extended, if not endless vacay.