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Friday, July 02, 2010

New Newspeak

The New Politics abandons the old Orwellian Newspeak for a bipartisan language of warm fuzzy obfuscation the better to assimilate you with, my dears.

WILMINGTON, N.C. – The Army has dropped the Vietnam-era name "psychological operations" for its branch in charge of trying to change minds behind enemy lines, acknowledging the term can sound ominous.

The Defense Department picked a more neutral moniker: "Military Information Support Operations," or MISO.

U.S. Special Operations Command spokesman Ken McGraw said Thursday the new name, adopted last month, more accurately reflects the unit's job of producing leaflets, radio broadcasts and loudspeaker messages to influence enemy soldiers and civilians.

"One of the catalysts for the transition is foreign and domestic sensitivities to the term 'psychological operations' that often lead to a misunderstanding of the mission," McGraw said...

For example, gradual labor market recovery is a net loss this week of only 125,000 jobs nationwide.

And, sorry Kos. The war in Afghanistan, like Iraq, is a waste of lives, and should never have been fought.

Only a fool fights a land war in Asia.

...The DNC's behavior is bolstering the poisonous, manipulative premise that to oppose an American war is an "affront" to the Troops and their families and the by-product of a cowardly desire to "walk away from the fight" with the Terrorists. When the DNC, a front page Daily Kos writer and Bill Kristol all join together to smear someone with common language for opposing a war, it's clear that something toxic is taking place. By all means, the ludicrous hypocrisy and illogic of Steele's attempt to place all blame on the Democrats for this war should be screamed from the mountaintops -- Obama inherited and (with the overwhelming support of the GOP) escalated the war, but he did not start it -- but equating war opposition with disrespect to the Troops or cowardice is destructive and stupid no matter who is doing it...

These days, it's a multiverse of willful stupidity we live in. Just ask Krugman. Or some of these fine people.

...With a host of furious fancies
Whereof I am commander,
With a burning spear and a horse of air,
To the wilderness I wander.
By a knight of ghostes and shadowes
I summon'd am to tourney
Ten leagues beyond the wild world's end.
Methinks it is no journey

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