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Monday, July 12, 2010

old times there are not forgotten


...The truth is that since economic "conservatives" have taken over running our economy, there hasn't been any real innovation at all. And that stands to reason, since this environment is one in which the ordinary people who do things for themselves and do the real work - and are therefore the most likely to be inspired to real innovation - are simply not in a position to put their ideas into practice, to bring them forward. The very rich do not like real innovation because it destabilizes their order, it makes change possible - change that could weaken their position, or make the behavior of the masses less predictable. They like us to be predictable...

She got that right. Technological innovation is terrifying to these folks. They have a familial almost genetic memory of the bad things that happened to them after the slaves started leaving the Nile and Tigris river valleys and discovered iron.

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