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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Morning in Dementia

If the One is actively trying to channel the Gipper, that means he wants to go down in history as somebody else's sock puppet.

Whose, one wonders?

...No American brand is more associated with Reagan than General Electric, and it was that corporation’s chief executive, Jeffrey Immelt, who popped up as the president’s new wingman when the White House rolled out its latest jobs initiative on Jan. 21. Obama’s speech on Tuesday, with its celebration of the nation’s can-do capitalist ingenuity, moved him still closer to Reagan’s sweet spot as a national cheerleader. The president even offered a remix of the old Reagan-era G.E. jingle “We bring good things to life” — now traded up to the grander “We do big things.”

Let's forget all about that "good" silliness, it doubtless just confuses the issue...

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