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Saturday, February 26, 2011

snake handlers

You might see it in the Guardian or on left-wing websites, but you wouldn't know of its existence from the 'Merikan main$tream media.

...A new non-partisan group called US Uncut -- named after UK Uncut -- aims in part to challenge the tea party's push for lower corporate taxes. They instead want Congress stop letting wealthy corporations dodge their taxes.

"This is an issue that has been ignored for way too long," Carl Gibson, a US Uncut spokesman, told Raw Story. "Congress has been chipping away and chipping away at corporate responsibility to pay taxes."

"And now it's gotten to the point where the middle class is being sacrificed on the altar of deficit reduction, while big corporations are getting away with not paying any taxes at all..."

From the Guardian again:

...The US protests will focus on the Bank of America, which was one of the biggest recipients of taxpayers' money in the bailout that followed the financial crisis.

According to US Uncut, nearly two-thirds of US corporations and 68% of foreign firms operating in the US pay no income tax. A study from the non-partisan US Government Accountability Office found that 83 of the top 100 publicly traded corporations in the US use corporate tax havens to minimise their tax bills.

"Bank of America paid no federal tax and we gave it $45bn in the bailout," said Alisa Harris, one of US Uncut's New York organisers. "People are tired of sitting at their computers and seething, they want to get out there and do something, It's not enough just to talk about it on Facebook."

Since Goldman-$achs bought a big chunk of it I'd imagine Facebook is the last place you'd want to discuss this, especially since BoA has shown a tendency to hire thugs to deal with people who diss it.

'Merikan non-partisan movements have a way of flipping into Company pawns once the astroturf invades the grassroots.

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