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Saturday, September 24, 2011

frankly, Scarlett, you'd better give a damn

Avedon is rightfully repulsed by the latest attempts of the Company Oborg to equate progressive criticism of the Laureate's hypocrisy as racism.

My response?

So unless we can primary his Laureateness out of the running, it's very likely it'll be him against somebody much worse.

I know, your immediate response, correctly, would be, how is a Republican much worse than Obama? The economy will be doubtless, tanked or at best maintained as a carny casino for the wealthy regardless. The War on Terra will be expanded regardless. The rich will continue to get richer as the middle class is destroyed and the poor that survive will get much poorer.

If we walk away from this $election, the Tea Party wins. Because, in my humble opinion, the loosely affiliated group of pirates I refer to as the Company doesn't give a damn who is in Washington, as long as they own them. Yet if the Tea Party runs all three branches of Washington, they will make the difference between President Al Gore and President Chimpy look like splitting hairs.

The bovine fecal matter will hit the fan at a rate you won't believe. So will the human blood.

The unpleasant fact, again in my humble yet educated opinion, is that any President will represent the Company interests first and foremost. Call it paranoiac conspiracy theory, but remember the kind people that sold you the Gulf of Tonkin and the lone gunmen theories in the 60s, deep throat and the October Surprise in the 70s & 80s, the Gulf War in the 90s, and 9-11 with the War on Terra more recently? They will make sure those that has, continue to git.

And also that any President who doesn't take a buyout meets their very own loner with no apparent connections to any outside support.

But who gets scapegoated to keep the rubes satisfied? You get the Dominionista running the entire show with the Tea Party as its shock troops, and things could start to look a little like Tenochtitian when Tezcatlipoca was in town.

So yes, I will vote that asshat Obama over any Republican. I am very sorry. I will continue to fight against right-wing Obama policies masquerading as liberalism and give him my contempt. But there is bad and worse, and there is a difference.

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