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Sunday, September 04, 2011

useful tools

If they didn't exist, the Company would have to invent them.

The thing of it is, from China trying to bail out 'Merikan banks for a piece of the action, to the cover-up of mass-murder of civilians under surgin' Petraeus Caesar, nothing Wikileaks has leaked has not come out earlier from other news sources, ignored by the main$tream.

Pretty much the same way the main$tream has ignored almost everything Wikileaks has put out.

Fortunately, the dataverse is bigger than that even if most people refuse to see or hear it.

But because it comes out in wikileaks, the Feds tell their various agencies, agents, police factions, and trainees that they officially must ignore even the appearance of being aware of the leaked information.

They're telling undergraduates and graduate students that if they ever want a job, they had better never even read a news report describing what's been Wikileaked.

Pretty nice way to make sure the information doesn't exist- or Disappeared post-hoc. Damn that Emmanuel Goldstein's Brotherhood!

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