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Saturday, March 13, 2010

ask a silly question

Ian Welsh: Who does Obama think is going to support him in 2012?

Get a reasonable answer. Z:

They are employing the clintonian model to re-election:

1. Serve big business to build their campaign funds (the health care bailout bill is clinton’s nafta). Fealty to wall street is a must.
2. Completely disregard the needs of the congressional democrats.
3. Lose seats in congress, maybe even the majority … the more seats lost, the better.
4. Use the divided or republican-controlled congress as cover to serve more big business needs (see 1).
5. Use those campaign funds to pay their way to victory over a weak republican opponent.

The possible miscalculation in their model is that things are a lot worse now than they were then and the model may need a Perot to work.

Enter a Ron Paul/ Sarah Palin coalition.

The only reason Gore got beaten in 2000 is the Companies were not on board with him and trusted Poppy's blood. They never counted on the weakness of Junior in the face of Cheney- but made damn sure the Cheneyburton crew got the smackdown they deserved. You do not go to Langely and act rudely to the boys.

As long as the One is onboard with the Companies' agenda (more and better ca$hflows) he'll do fine. If he starts to listen to his own campaign speeches in 2010, though, say bye-bye.

No, I do not think that would be a good thing, because of what would replace Obama. It's the difference between bad and worse. Have no delusions: as much as Obama leaves to be desired, right now there is nothing better in the wings.

Anything better would get the Wellstone treatment as would the One if he took himself really seriously.

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