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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

no theory about it

...And just like that the Lehman Brothers scandal drops off the front pages. And not just the front pages—the section fronts, too

Well... what's $50 billion between friends?

Brasscheck says it:

Apparently, it's now news to the financial news media that Timothy Geithner and his CEO buddies on Wall Street deliberately defrauded the market - and the Treasury - of hundreds of billions of dollars...

Now the "professional" journalists are catching up.

We don't deal in "conspiracy theories." It's the idiots in the news media and the idiots who accept their reports as reality who are living in a delusional fantasy land.

Anybody who thinks the 2008 market bubble burst is unrelated to the War on Terra, and the War on Terra is being fought against a bunch of 19th century muslims hiding in caves buys the silliest conspiracy theory of them all.

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