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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Billions more for Banks and War

The Fed bails out the bank$ters, again.

As Ian Welsh points out,

...After all, if the government can print money for banks, why not for jobs?

The reason not, folks, is that if you do that, oil will go back to levels which will crash out the economy.

The real, actual, economy, is not one spreadsheet. It consists of people doing things, and the vast majority of those things require energy. The ur-energy is still oil. And no, there is not enough oil to go to full capacity utilization—because doing so will kick gasoline well over $5/gallon.

Until that problem, among others, is fixed, the economy is never going to be really good for Americans ever again. Every attempt to fix things which does not fix energy, will not work for any useful length of time.

The goal is not to fix the economy. The goal is to slowly shift the global economy, and society as a whole, into a post-industrial neo-feudal world over the next 50 years. Non-renewable energy sources will not be developed until those who would rule are certain the middle class and the American experiment in representative democracy is dead.

This will work fine until some enterprising warlord neo-Visigoth figures out how to sack neo-Rome, or the neo-Romulans arrive, whichever comes first.

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Liberality said...

Agreed! Going back to a feudal system is exactly what the super rich want.