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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let Them Eat Rubber Biscuit


...Have you ever heard of a wish sandwich?
A wish sandwich is the kind of a
sandwich where you have two slices of bread
and you,
hee hee hee,
wish you had some meat...

Ummm... the other day I had a ricochet biscuit.
A ricochet biscuit is the
kind of a biscuit that's supposed to
bounce back off the wall into your mouth.

If it don't bounce back, hee hee hee,... you go hungry!

Jeb Bu$h on the man all the $erious people in Washington respect these days:

...“He’s not saying the world’s going to be full of butterscotch sundaes,” is how Jeb Bush described the plan to me recently. “He’s saying: ‘Eat your broccoli. And then maybe you don’t get to eat at all for a few days. You don’t get steak — ever.’ ”

Now, Jeb, like his brother and Poppy before him, likes to talk about how moderate he is compared to all his Republican competition- who he respects, mind you, he's just kinder and gentler... Right...

The New York Pravda entitles this piece "Ryan Could Be Part of Obama’s Roadmap to Bipartisanship", a rather jaw-dropping thesis indeed, when you consider that Obama's love for bipartisanship is about to get Congress handed over to the Republicans.

Not the Bipartisan kind, either.

But this kind of bipartisanship precisely fits with Obama's Chicago School ethos. Eliminate Social Security and Medicare, because these interfere with the Free Market. I'm sure he can get a broad bipartisan consensus on that, particularly after the mid-terms are over. Look to the One to set his sights on these next spring.

I'm sure he's convinced it's just the ticket to get him re-$elected in 2012.

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