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Sunday, October 02, 2011

700 names for the Watchlist

What were these fools thinking?

Now there are 700 more faces and names for the War on Terra to round up when they need the Usual Suspects.

Any person who suggests you take part in a disruptive protest that will inevitably result in you arrest or worse is being influenced by a police/FBI/Company mole if they weren't one already.

I won't be surprised in the weeks or months ahead to find out one or more of the organizers of this thing were cops, like in the 2008 Republican National Convention protests that dies before they started.

The difference being here that the protestors were allowed to do something that inconvenienced hundreds of thousands of people that have nothing at all to do with the depredations of the bank$ters, and who were and are probably victims of them as well.

Leading, in the Company mind, to the popular applause of these arrests in New York.

This is like the so-called Anonymous originators of LOIC that led to the arrest of the naive teenagers that actually downloaded and used the damned thing. Or every other domestic terra'ist that's been lead into becoming a victim of police-state organized Terra that resulted in their arrest. The Company can't create a police state unless they have a reason, and the Company creates its own carefully managed events for good reasons.

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