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Monday, October 03, 2011

a fine kettle of fish

Who needs moles to lead protesters to block a bridge when the NYPD is willing to kettle them there and arrest them for following directions?

...The march began on Saturday afternoon in Zuccotti Park, the Manhattan the base of the core of 200 or so OWS demonstrators. By the time it reached Brooklyn bridge it had swollen to several thousand.

Accounts vary as to how about 500 protesters ended up on one lane of the road across the bridge, where they were all penned in with orange netting and arrested. Some accused the police of leading them on to the road as a sort of trap.

Video clips posted on YouTube, showing a small body of officers marching on to the road ahead of the mass of demonstrators, appeared to support this view...

Woops. More news you won't see anywhere in 'Merika media, but the rest of the world gets.

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