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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Masters of Espionage

...Mr. Arbabsiar and the informant worked out a deal under which Mr. Arbabsiar would pay $1.5 million to Los Zetas to kill the Saudi ambassador at a restaurant in Washington...

Yes, trying to engage the dastardly Messican Drug Dealers to precipitate World War Whatever the D.o'D.'s calling it these days by assassination. For $1.5 million dollars.

They have a single mark perpetrator, and the DEA agent who busted him, to forge an international incident with. That's all.

Well, not quite. They also got an Iranian spokesman to show some love for the Occupation and claim the plot was a diversion. That's a Terra showpiece- $1.5 million, but linking the Occupation with Iranian espionage- priceless!

You can not ask for a more Mobius plot of disinformation, unless you hired a scriptwriter for an Austin Powers flick. For $1.5 million.

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