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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Gentleman's Ring

Greg Palast notes the Judiciary Committee at the Brink with Monica Goodling- and retreating.

...Goodling testified that Gonzales' Chief of Staff, Kyle Sampson, perjured himself, lying to the committee in earlier testimony. The lie: Sampson denied Monica had told him about Tim Griffin's "involvement in 'caging' voters" in 2004.

Huh?? Tim Griffin? "Caging"???

The perplexed committee members hadn't a clue --- and asked no substantive questions about it thereafter. Karl Rove is still smiling. If the members had gotten the clue, and asked the right questions, they would have found "the keys to the kingdom," they thought they were looking for. They dangled right in front of their perplexed faces.

The keys: the missing emails --- and missing link --- that could send Griffin and his boss, Rove, to the slammer for a long, long time.

Kingdom enough for ya?

But what's 'caging' and why is it such a dreadful secret that lawyer Sampson put his license to practice and his freedom on the line to cover Tim Griffin's involvement in it? Because it's a felony. And a big one.

Here's how caging worked, and along with Griffin's thoughtful emails themselves you'll understand it all in no time.

The Bush-Cheney operatives sent hundreds of thousands of letters marked "Do not forward" to voters' homes. Letters returned ("caged") were used as evidence to block these voters' right to cast a ballot on grounds they were registered at phony addresses. Who were the evil fakers? Homeless men, students on vacation and --- you got to love this --- American soldiers. Oh yeah: most of them are Black voters...

Palast suggests the Committee acted in inept confusion. This seems doubtful. These aren't political novices. They knew perfectly well what they weren't asking.

They were angling for Abu Gonzo, because it’s a Gentleman’s game.

The game is to check Bu$hCo-Cheneyburton by scapegoating their fixer, not destroy the Ring of Power, just win it for their own use.

Exposing the scam that the Amerikan preznitial $electoral process has become would dry up the money river, and nobody in the Beltway wants that.

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