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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Outsourced Hits from Outsourced Hitmen

Dr. Hillhouse has a new book she's asked me plug for her, Outsourced.

If she knew anything classified about secret intelligence operations that you needed to know but might be illegal for you to know she might hypothetically write a novel and claim it was all fiction. Just so she could get the information out.

Because let's face it, the private contractors pretty much own everything Washington has to buy. You cut in the right people, and just about anything can be bought, especially if you're smart and connected enough to use the credit of the United States government to pay for it. Slick operation. Using the money from the Feds to bribe Feds for access to money from the Feds.

It's got a symmetry to it, no? And it's bound to be fiction, right, because we all know it could never happen here.

Read her blog over sometime. I used to think I had reason to worry.

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