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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Longing for Der Fuhrer

Sometimes Dear Leader just isn't good enough for the Authoritarians among us.

Think Progress catches yet more yearnings for facsism in the form of a military coup on the editorial pages of the National Review, where accusations of treason for liberals, progressives, and the 70% of Americans that don't support the War on Terra have become routine.

I like the anonymous comment on this over at Washington Monthly:

Ironically, the same military he now prays will declare war on its own people is the same military that conservative president George Bush has broken with his failed war in Iraq.

I love these conservatives who keep thinking the military should run the country. Do they not understand that America was founded on precisely the OPPOSITE principle? George Washington turning in his sword to the Congress? The disbanding of the army after the war? The military serves the nation, it does not rule it.

Furthermore, it's so profoundly disrespectful of the amazing honor and integrity that's been shown by our military throughout its history, in which every soldier shelves his own political opinion and follow orders while in uniform.

I mean, there are soldiers who choose not to vote because they believe it's improper for the military to be political. Personally, I think that's taking it a bit far, but that's a measure of the self-sacrifice that our soldiers willingly endure. They're prepared to fight and die to defend decisions, regardless of whether or not they agree with them. They serve the nation.

Conservatives like this are disgusting. They've got a fetish for uniforms & pageantry, so they want to put the guys in the nice suits in charge. They don't understand that the uniform is the trappings of service, not its essence. They're as shallow as the fashion industry.

That's a real insult to the fashionista.

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