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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How covert can three carrier groups get?

You have to wonder.

Jonathan Schwarz points out more evidence of not-so-covert action in Iran:

Rice and her colleagues in the administration decided to embark on a daring and risky third course: a coordinated campaign, directed with the help of the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. While the “get tough” crew favored direct military action against Iran, the administration chose a more subtle mix of diplomatic and economic pressure, large-scale military exercises, psychological warfare, and covert operations. The bill for the covert part of this activity, which has involved funding sectarian political movements and paramilitary groups in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and the Palestinian territories, is said to amount to more than $300 million. It is being paid by Saudi Arabia and other concerned Gulf states, for whom the combination of a hasty American withdrawal from Iraq and a nuclear-armed Iran means trouble...

Sources in the United States and the Middle East familiar with the covert side of the American-led effort to “push back” Iran...pointed to an upsurge in antigovernment guerrilla activity inside Iran, including a bomb in Zahedan, the economic center of the province of Baluchistan, that killed 11 soldiers in the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on February 14; the mysterious death of the Iranian scientist Ardashir Hosseinpour, who worked on uranium enrichment at the Isfahan nuclear facility; and the defection of a high-ranking Iranian general named Ali Asgari, a former deputy minister of defense who was also the Revolutionary Guard officer responsible for training and supplying Hezbollah during its war against the Israelis in southern Lebanon in the 1980s. Iran’s oil infrastructure may be another likely target..."

What, waste oil? I doubt it. Oil's a sacrament for the Church of Bu$hCo-Cheneyburton.

This is about as covert as punching someone in the face.

But a nuclear-armed Iran? Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah. Yellowcake & Kool Colin's UN speech. It's not even funny anymore.

If terrorists detonate a nuke on American soil, it's most likely not going to be from Korea, Iran, or Russia. It will likely be good old American uranium or plutonium, enriched by Bechtel, and "secured" by a private contractor.

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