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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Controlled Demolition


...Under ordinary circumstances, this would be a blowout year for Democrats. The nation is tired of the war, tired of eight years of the Bush administration and worried sick about the economy. And Democratic voters, energized by the prospect of change, have been turning out in tremendous numbers.

But the Democrats, to their credit, have placed a woman and an African-American at the head of the line for the party’s nomination. It’s a step that augurs well for the country, but at the same time it’s unlikely that either of them will have an easy time winning in November.

There comes a point in a campaign that lasts too long when there are diminishing returns all around.

The big question for Democrats is whether Senators Clinton and Obama, whose camps don’t like each other, can conduct themselves in the long slog ahead in a way that does not undermine the party’s ability to win in November.

It’s not yet clear that they can.

I've posted before on the Oborg, and how many vow to go their own way if their Dear Leader doesn't win the Triple Crown this summer.

But it's not just the Unibama that's saying stupid things.

And look at this map.

Last time I heard, Michigan and Florida weren't counting, just because they didn't vote when the DNC told them to.

Unless, of course, you-know-who wins.

Now to quote a comment I read today on the wonderful job our Democratic-controlled $enate did with FISA:

...secret commitees, secret paramilitary units, secret data collection and storage facilities, secret surveillance programs, secret military projects….

“secret” shit has a way to 1) not really staying secret for very long b) developing budgets that “must” grow every year at the expense of literally everything else and iii) are really suseptible to corruption, infiltration, and shit like the bay of pigs. they almost never “make us safe/r.” they often make us less so...

We've also got a secret Democratic candidate $election process, too. Here's a great way to suck all the air out of the last gasp of the Democratic process, which this election may be. Choose a very limited pool of candidates, none of which will seriously address the political, economic, and military issues we're facing. Allow media time only to the ones who have a track record, over the last 4 years anyway, of voting only how their $ponsors dictate.

Make sure both of them want the job the way a 17 year old boy wants to get laid.

Why, by the end of their primary season, they could do everything a Rover might want to shoot their own party in the foot, and guarantee a solid Rethuglican theft of $election 2008.

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