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Friday, February 22, 2008

A Time-tested Bu$ine$$ Model

Xenophon makes note of a Dallas stand-down of Obama's Secret Service. And on the same day, in the motorcade of Hillary Clinton, an officer dies. Texas is one weird place.

As I've said before, to do the dirty deed, the Company doesn't need to carry out its' hits. It just needs to stand aside at the right time. Obama reminds one of Kennedy in more ways than one, and many have noted the kind of shock an incident might produce. Of course, any kind of event could excite Darth Cheney into declaring martial law.

But something in the comments to that post I have to address:

...we didn’t, I don’t think, have huge corporations whose business model is waiting for (or creating) huge shocks and then profiting from them.

How about Ford?


Or Dow Chemical/ Monsanto?

Or General Dynamics?

Or Raymond International, Morrison-Knudsen, Brown & Root, and J.A. Jones Construction, better known these days as Halliburton?

Alas, this has been going on a long time. And again, alas, this is exactly the kind of shock the Company loves to exploit. Handled with cold-blooding media exploitation, this has the potential of setting back race relations 20 years. Given an Iranian Oswald, it could be effective in setting off a war all the NeoCons have the hots for.

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