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Saturday, March 19, 2011

and they make house calls

The New York Pravda chronicles some "suspicions" about what is going to go on in Libya.

I particularly like this link to Ian Williams at Focal Points:

...We can accept that a patient with a brain tumour might desperately need surgery, but there is still cause for alarm if Jack the Ripper offers to operate. Both method and motive are open to question.

So while no person with a conscience wants Gaddafi to win his sanguinary battle of repression against his own people, there are more than enough doubts that the US is the appropriate specialist to call. However, like Jack the Ripper — they do have the knives.

One supposes the men in black are having a good go with their new software over this, too. Many comments will be swift, articulate, and likely astroturf from a pre-sentient Skynet.

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