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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

not one of "us"

If I hear any of the idiots I work with at UM saying Rick Snyder couldn't be bad for Michigan because "he's a Wolverine" again, I hope said weasels lose their jobs before I do.

There's no other way to educate said fools.

Rachael Maddow:

...“This is about a lot of things. This is not about a budget. This is using or fabricating crisis to push for an agenda you’d never be able to sell under normal circumstances, and so you have to convince everyone that these are not normal circumstances. These are desperate circumstances and your desperate measures are there for somehow required. What this is has a name. It is called shock doctrine.”

In Britain they're starting to talk about responding to the Austerians, but talk is cheap.

Here, the mind control is better, and it's going to take a Dust Bowl sized environmental dislocation before people even think about real change. Unemployment, outside of the government-doctored figures, is much greater, and we don't have inflation because, you know, wages have to rise with prices for real inflation to occur measurably. Some can see the world as it is, but too few. Too many Faithful believe exactly what they're told to believe by those that would rule.

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