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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Big Lie

Greenwald on the Laureate:

...Obama -- for reasons having nothing to do with Congress -- worked from the start to preserve the crux of the Bush/Cheney detention regime. Even with these new added levels of detention review (all inside the Executive Branch), this new Executive Order is little more than a by-product of that core commitment, and those blaming it on Congress either have little idea what they're talking about or are simply fabricating excuses in order to justify yet another instance where Obama dutifully "bolsters" the Bush War on Terror template. Indefinite detention and military commissions are continuing because Obama worked from the start for that goal -- not because Congress forced him to do so.

As as happened over and over, while progressives and civil libertarians are furious about the new Order, former Bush officials and right-wing Warriors are ecstatic...

I like this comment, on Emptywheel's post cited previously:

the big lie,

the soviet-style reaallly big lie,

i thought it would leave with g.w. when he left in jan, 2009.

no such luck.

turns out obama and his gang are big fans

of the big lie.

let’s see now:

we’re withdrawing from iraq,

we’re succeeding in afghanistan,

al-quaeda still a big-time nat’l security threat

guantanamo captives still a big-time nat’l security threat

no problem with gulf oil spill quantity, damage, and reparations,

public option in health care,

bradley manning and other whistleblowers a nat’l sec threat,

aig bailout necessary and appropriately done,

bank executives bonuses just after bailouts,

new laws reining in banks not needed,

no unwarranted foreclosures have occurred.

help me, what have i left out?

Only the lies that we still take as Truth.

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