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Monday, March 21, 2011

no economic incentive for the Laureate

...if there's no Hope to use one of these
what's the point of Change?

In Bahrain..., there was deep cynicism among Shia demonstrators, who argue that they too have been suppressed and attacked by loyalist forces, but have received no such western backing. "There is a double standard with the Americans," said Ali al-Akri, a committee member of the National Democratic Action society. "It suits their interests to go after Gaddafi now because the crimes he committed cannot be defended by anyone. But in Bahrain it is the same and our experiences are there for all to see. Yet what do we get from the US? Demands that we tone down our protests and gentle pleas that the regime change its ways."

Like in Afghanistan? We have ways of dealing with civilian protests...

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Anonymous said...

They should be glad of the double standard, or we would be sending Bahrain our freedom bombs.