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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Flynt Leverett Talks

He basically tells C-Span what Dear Leader didn't want published in the New York Times.

Apparently the CIA had okayed it, but Bu$hCo didn't want that sucker out.

This boils down to 1) the previous reports of Iran offering to negotiate a comprehensive deal for peace in the Middle East, and,

2) The dialog that Iran had with the USA right after 9-11 and the lead up to Afghanistan. Remember, the Iranians are Shiite, the Taliban are Wahhabi Sunni. Basically the Iranians don't like them, either.

The conclusions of the Op-Ed were that we're being lied to in order for Dear Leader and Big Time Dick to get this war on again with Iran.

On You Tube here. [Thanks to Uncle $cam]

Billmon suggests the Cheneyburton Corporation wants Total War in Iraq. Read what Bernhard's barflies think about that here. This is doubtless the reason the Joint Chiefs are pissed: when you go to War, you need an objective endpoint, and a pogrom is not an endpoint.

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