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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bonesmen have Souls?

Who'da thunk it?

...Luciferians such as the Bush men, who are family-tradition Bonesmen, actually DO (by means of stealth, fraud and force all samesame to them all) pro-actively seek our annihilation as a human species and genuinely viable culture. Those elite ones NEVER wait until Just Before Election to dispose of that "pesky, inconvenient and useless though quaint" Vital Component of a Genuine and Complete Human Being. That loathesome tho' (for THAT purpose) necessary detail is seen to with great thoroughness during the Skull-and-Bones Lodge First Degree Initiation ritual.

Um, it goes like this, beloved Bunky: First, the man drinks from the Chalice. While he does so, the Chalice drinks from the man. So what manner of subtle-but-critical exchange of Resource do YOU suppose indeed takes place when, in a darkened, vaulted crypt filled with the pre-recorded shrieks of suffering and dying victims of State-sponsored war, pestilence and poisonings, a fresh-"tapped" Bonesman first resolutely sets their just-barely-of-age lips to the sawed-off-topless skull /cum/ chalice of our beloved War Chief Geronimo, therefrom to reliably quaff human blood? Especially when it is prepared for that very occasion by the High Priest of the Order?

You think it is all a Mumbo Jumbo Telly-Vision Paranoid Cartoon, o thou poor, ill-informed, media-driven, mentally labile, morally naive, generally know-nuthin' benighted fool of a Gentle Reader?

Um, kindly DO think again, Beloved! Those boys (and the occasional gal, these days) have been found keeping to "spiritual" ways and practices in this world that would put your squeamish little gorge to rising right quick. We of Indigenous blood know Black Magick full well when we find it. It is not an approved part of our own (OUR OWN, do you yet "get it" now?) ancient culture - and we recognize it right smart, even when white folk just fall down all over themselves to deny the fact and just divert the conversation...

But it's really all just a fraternity. Right?

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