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Monday, December 08, 2008

A smooth phase transition

Under the Obama administration, an ex-leader of the CIA will continue to run the Pentagon. An ex-Pentagon insider will continue to run the CIA.

And Aniken Skywalker has brought Balance to the Force.

Greenwald attempts to deconstruct the admonitions to the weak minded by Sith Lords of the Bu$h wing of the Company, but he, like Digby, ends up succumbing to another Jedi mind trick:

...the Right, far more than the Left, that has waged war against the CIA in recent years; the Left has largely defended the CIA against manipulation and abuse by the Bush White House...

Yes, the poor CIA, helpless, defenseless against the wiles of Lord Cheneyburton. Helpless like Tenet, like Hayden and Gates, one supposes. Mere flags in the wind blown by their masters.

Believe that and I've got a half-built Death Star I'd love to sell you.

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