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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We are Ruled by Sociopaths


The harsh reality is that this was not a noble undertaking done for good reasons. It was a criminal enterprise launched by madmen cheered on by a chorus of fools and cowards. And it’s seen as such by virtually everyone all around the world — including but by no means limited to the Arab world. But it’s impolitic to point this out in the United States, and it’s clear that even a president-elect who had the wisdom not to be suckered in by the War Fever of 2002 has no intention of really acting to marginalize the bad actors. Which, I think, makes sense for his political objectives. But if Americans want to play a constructive role in world affairs, it’s vitally important for us to get in touch with the reality of what the past eight years of US foreign policy have been and how they’re seen and understood by people who aren’t stirred by the shibboleths of American patriotism.

Atrios adds:

...I don't expect Cheney's gang to ever care about the hell they unleashed in that country, but they were enabled by almost the entire population of Elite Washington. Even now simple inconvenient facts of that time are brushed aside in favor of the Official Narrative. The complete lack of repentance or honest accounting by our elites is a continuing reminder of just how corrupt and sick elite Washington is. I don't know how they live with themselves. They're obviously not like me or most of the people I know.

Most sane people aren't trying to take over the world, or steal it, Duncan. I have an old ex-girlfriend who dumped me 30-odd years ago when I got serious about college. Her answer to life was to marry a University of Chicago MBA who started a hedge fund, lost a couple of billion of other people's money, and is probably kicked back somewhere cushy these days.

But these people are the real exceptions in life. They're so rare, that they're able to convince themselves they're the elite. Pious sanctimony is a great insulator. The latent sociopath can cultivate it to enjoy the rewards of their plunder.

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