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Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Last Cheer of the Golden Hoard

The Cowboy hears the not-so final hurrah of the Bu$hCo crime syndicate:

"...We are expected to believe that the collapse of the dollar is incidental, co-incidental, unfortunate! The dollar is collapsing as we write because the smart money dumped the dollar and maniupulated the market. Those profits have already been taken --by design..."

The goal of the smart money is to create a post-industrial neofeudalism to emerge as the fossil fuel runs out.

They have to time this carefully, however. If the collapse occurs before alternative energy sources are developed, the Aristocrats have to live in hovels just like the commoners. That would never do.

On the other hand, if alternative energy sources are developed too rapidly, there will be no collapse. Democracy might even take root in America again. With a strong economy, and abundant solar-sourced energy, humanity will reach the stars.

That won't do either. How can you be an aristocrat with no one to Lord it over?

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