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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Scape the right goat


...Rachel Maddow asks whether it is the automotive companies at fault, or if the crisis where buyers can't get credit are at fault for the current crisis the Big-3 is facing. Rachel discusses whether we need a bottom-up rather than top-down solution to the problem with Sen. Sherrod Brown since the banks still are just not lending money even after the huge infusion of cash the taxpayers gave them.

With more than $6 trillion of bad investment derivatives out there, the banks are sitting on every penny Paulson throws at them.

Of course, this makes things worse, because with no investment in the real assets of society, people lose jobs. When people lose jobs, they don't pay their bills. When they don't pay their bills, the future value of the economy grows even worse.

Vicious cycle indeed.

The cycle won't begin to be broken until the government steps in to regulate investment and control how their bailout money is being spent. This will require some degree of micromanagement, and the people that own the government won't allow themselves to be managed openly.

Thus the cycle builds, and anyone who can even count on their fingers and toes can see where the policies are headed.

Let me repeat myself: this is intentional.

The goal of the people who own the money is to create a post-industrial neofeudalism for the greater part of humanity- the servant class- to emerge as the fossil fuel runs out.

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