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Friday, January 25, 2008

Adversarial Relationship

Larisa Alexandrovna notices

If retroactive immunity for telecoms passes (as part of FISA bill), then our Congress will finally have declared that the United States is a wholly owned subsidiary of a few mega-companies and that the citizens are without rights or even avenues for redressing grievances. In other words, our government has given us very little choice other than to declare ourselves independent...

Certainly you are correct, Larisa.

The problem is that this is a hostile takeover, and the Company has the most cops, guns, and nukes.

The government is shattered, but it's supposed to be in pieces. Otherwise, the corporate takeover would never happen. You think a functioning Republic would bankroll endless war?

There are people who call themselves Democrats and Republicans but really it's the one party rule of the Business party. Democrats and Republicans are just shifting coalitions of ambitious Company climbers. We aren't stockholders in Team America, we're yoked to it.

So don't declare yourself independent until you slip the leash, and try to wait until you're out of earshot. Because if Big Brother hears you, he'll try to bring you back into the $ystem.

To the Corporate Borg, it is after all an evangelical obligation to spread the Word, and the Word in the Company is that resistance is futile.


Anonymous said...

Remember, how Bush BRAGGED that he was the first MBA Preznik?

Some joke...

kelley b. said...

Among many, it's still a strong point of his.

The idea being that he was a flawed vessel for the True NeoCon Way.

Then one definition of insanity is trying to do the same thing over and over again to generate a different result.