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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Well-Fed Unity Pony is Ridden to the War on Terra

Barney Frank:

...the only way I can think of to avoid “refighting the same fights we had in the 1990’s”, to quote Senator Obama, is to let our opponents win these fights without a struggle.

The Unity pony is fed by every main$tream corporate sponsor, who want you to take out a New and Improved Low-Interest rate mortgage on your soul.

Rates have never been this low!

The Unity pony has a very very long line of people eagerly waiting to ride who in their down time watch Oprah and Dr. Phil or nod sagely to the wisdom of editorial page of the Wall Street Pravda.

The Unity pony is bigger than the Empire State Building, and the swish of its tail has extinguished the light of the Statue of Liberty, whose head has gone sailing off ballistic into the hills of the Homeland.

The Unity pony’s shiny fur is covered underneath by human-shaped blood sucking arachnids who lurk in the hallways of power and subways and intertubes.

They fund suicide bombings of abortion clinics and rape professional women trying to feed fatherless children in Iraq.

They gas Marine checkpoints to keep from getting stuck in traffic.

They’re sure of Democratic voter fraud- why else would Democrats vote for Democrats?

The Unity pony knows the Homeland’s at stake, and the battlefield is the twilight zone of your mind.

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