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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Just Looking for an Honest Monster

You gotta have some respect for a monster that succeeds whether or not it wins.

It's kind of like a monster that drops but rises.

It's kind of like a war that's never been declared, for weapons that aren't there, against people that are dead but don't count as dead.

Me, I'm just looking for an honest monster, you know, the kind there's no questions about, the kind that you know where they stand. Or whatever.

¡El Gato Negro! does a good takedown on a puff piece The New York Pravda ran last week by Roger Cohen.

There's nothing like a NeoCon second stringer.

Cohen does a no-no the Mustache of Understanding and certainly William the Bloody would never do: he admits the 9/11 wrecking crew was originally CIA-funded. If not taking some scratch from the Company when they did the dirty deed.

This is something they Do Not talk about these days. The memory that the CIA started up Osama against the Rooskies years ago is left for conspiracy theorists and Tom Hanks to make feel good movies about, and not casually bandied about in public. The monsters in charge don't like the Faithful to see even their vaguest outlines.

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