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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Working (if you can call it that) for the Weekend

DINOcrats love those Congressional junkets. That old Bipartisan Darth Cheneyburton is doing his bestest to work with them.

Shame on Dodd and Feingold for actually wanting to defend the Constitution. It's so unkewl. Shame on them for wanting the same treatment the Senator from MGM Mirage Casino gives his Republican colleagues:

Like Digby sez:

...The next president of the United States is very likely to be one of two sitting senators who are, at the moment, the two most powerful people in the Democratic Party. Either one of them could bring their star power and future institutional clout to bear on this debate if they wanted to. Will they?...You can go here to send a message.

Will they? Nah, not if it means pissing off the Ba$e.

Nor, in fact, will Congress confront Dear Leader about all those nasty pending contempt charges- for the economy's sake. Because, you know, without all those investment tax credits Dear Leader wants to use to $timulate the economy, the Ba$e might feel the same pain the rabble does. It takes a Bipartisan effort to truely pander to the base.

You have to love it. Dear Leader threatens to not allow the emergency $timulus scam that is itself yet another rip-off of the Treasury for his cronies.

Reid is a lost cause- or more accurately a bought one, but somewhere out there somebody has to have the brains to realize the only stimuli that would really turn things around is a Federal jobs core program coupled with an end to the billion dollar a week hemorrhaging on the War on Terra in Iraq and everywhere else. Somebody should have the integrity and guts to do something about it.

But brains, integrity, and guts will get you nowhere near the Oval Office, and more likely a date with a lone gunman or a malfunctioning airplane.

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