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Sunday, January 04, 2009

The 30%

Frank Rich deconstructs a preznit who seems smaller than life but notes:

...The latest CNN poll finds that only one-third of his fellow citizens want him to play a post-presidency role in public life...

That's about the proportion of the 'Merikan public that's supported him from day 1, aside from the Rovian electoral theft and poll spin.

Rich also marvels:

...You start to pity him until you remember how vast the wreckage is. It stretches from the Middle East to Wall Street to Main Street and even into the heavens, which have been a safe haven for toxins under his passive stewardship. The discrepancy between the grandeur of the failure and the stature of the man is a puzzlement. We are still trying to compute it.

It's quite simple, really. Bu$hie Bunnypants has never been the person in control. He's nothing more than an arrogant child playing cowboy who is all hat and no cattle, while the grown-up Black Hats who present him to the public steal the ranch.

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