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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good Question

Was the 2008 election fixed and if not, why not?

This sort of answers it all:

ninakat has it.

...nothing has changed and that voter fraud is alive and well. But this time around, the PTB had pre-selected Obama to win -- his campaign contributions were almost double that of McCain's for example, and that amount of money surely didn't come from the grassroots (see chart below) -- so in fact, this was a psy-ops coup: Americans being hypnotized into believing the hope/change rhetoric. This quashed the cries of foul-play as if election fraud was somehow magically eliminated overnight, regardless of the fact that there was zero evidence of substantial reforms in voting.

So, as it turns out, Obama actually DID receive the majority of votes. The people fell for this charade. The result is that the general population has been lulled into a false sense of security about the true state of democracy in this country. A brilliant move by the PTB.

The charade s unsustainable though, because Obama will just continue everything as it was before, albeit with a few crumbs of change (closing Guantanamo, and reversing some of Bush's presidential directives) in an attempt to quell dissent. How long that might last is up for debate.

My guess is that the economic woes of the country are going to accelerate to a critical level this year, and that something will need to happen to divert attention -- another false flag event and/or major war, which will keep Obama in the driver's seat whilst taking the heat off him concurrently.

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