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Monday, January 19, 2009

True Color Behind the Silver Lining

The Dark Wraith continues to shed light on the kind of Change we're getting:

...Having already taken an initial shot at Obama's choice for Secretary of the Department of Education by recommending a reading of Greg Palast's article, "Obama Slam-Duncans Education," readers here might want to get some more details about just how outrageously loathsome Chicago Public Schools Superintendent Arne Duncan is by reading Andy Kroll's article, "The Duncan Doctrine: The Military-Corporate Legacy of the New Secretary of Education."

...Congratulations. You suckered the Left, you suckered the progressives, you even suckered some conservatives. You suckered a damaged, hurting, wanting nation with your rhetoric. I would use harsh language to describe those who voted for you, but I just cannot bring myself to do that; not now, anyway. The American people were so desperate to escape the spiral of decay into which this country had been falling because of the Bush Administration that they simply could not see the awful maw of an imprudent choice standing before them in the fineries of salvation and rectitude you so masterfully wore.

...You are not an imbecile; you ought to know better. Take a hard look at your cabal about whom I have already written and warned: Zionist thug Rahm Emanuel; paramilitary law enforcement enabler Eric Holder; AIPAC and Project for the New American Century maven Dennis Ross; Chicago slumlord Valerie Jarrett; Israeli military violence apologist Joseph "I Am a Zionist!" Biden; agri-business shill Tom Vilsack; war management flop Robert Gates; and Federal Reserve Open Market Committee bagman Timothy Geithner, to name just a few. And let us not forget your comfort level with a couple of the worst of the Bush people serving as holdovers: that wrecking ball of privacy rights, Robert Mueller, from whom you could demand resignation (oh, yes you could), and monetary policy failure Ben Bernanke, whose tenure you could repudiate for his staggering mismanagement and malfeasance (thereby eviscerating him and the other Fed Governors of any backing to proceed with yet another round of catastrophically bad, "accommodative" monetary policy). You even plan to corporatize and militarize NASA.

How many ways through these choices can you flout the principles and dismiss the hopes of your wide base of support before people see you for what you really are?

That rhetorical question need not be answered: for years, George W. Bush did it to honest, decent, genuine conservatives. You will have perhaps not as many, but quite a few, to do the same to honest, decent, genuine liberals and other progressive sorts...

The Dark Wraith sees the cloud looming behind the silver lining.

I'm glad somebody does.

I have one respectful disagreement in his evaluation of George W. Bush. Bu$hie's no imbecile. Look at the crimes he's gotten away with.

May I offer one final suggestion for those who doubt Mr. Obama's true color, so to speak.

Today was the Martin Luther King national holiday.

Anyone familiar with events since 1968 might recall hearing how Dr. King's family no longer accepts that James Earl Ray assasinated Dr. King.

Perhaps it is time for a new President to re-open the investigation.

But I wouldn't bet on it.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog about 2 years ago, and I must say I've enjoyed your posts. Until recently.

It seems to me you're intent on bashing anyone who happens to occupy the oval office.

I'll be the first one on the "get Bush out of here" bandwagon. But what exactly do you want????? Obama has been in office for less than 24 hours and already he's a crook according to you.

I voted for Obama because I wanted change. I will certainly give the man a chance. Maybe you should do the same.

Just sayin'.

kelley b. said...

When I see choices that are presented as Change but are really more of the same, I feel my cynicism is reality based.

Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense?

Lawrence Summers in the Treasury?

As long as the foxes guard the henhouse, you will continue to loose your nest egg. To say nothing of the chickens...