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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Idle Speculation Amidst the Ruins

Quoth the Oracle over at Avedon's place:

...What if the Bush administration during Hurricane Katrina deliberately withheld federal disaster assistance from Louisiana and New Orleans to give time for their smear campaign against Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to work.

And what if the Bush administration and right-wing pundits deliberately slandered and defamed these two Louisiana Democrats so Republicans would have a better chance of defeating one or both in the next Louisiana election?

And what if this was orchestrated at the highest levels of the Bush administration?

And in combination with this White House/right-wing news media smear campaign, what if top Bush officials, espeically at DHS, actually sabotaged efforts by FEMA's director and the FEMA disaster coordinator at the FEMA command center in Baton Rouge as they tried to do their job and get desperately needed supplies and personnel into New Orleans after it flooded?

And what if some of the FEMA supplies and personnel that were meant for Louisiana and the flooded city of New Orleans were shifted to Mississippi and Alabama instead, two Gulf Coast states also in the path of Katrina, but both with Republican governors?

Get the picture?

In other words, for the Bush White House's (Karl Rove's) smear campaign against Louisiana Democrats to work then things had to get much worse in Louisiana and New Orleans instead of getting better. Because how could their malicious and wholly unfounded smear campaign succeed if federal disaster relief supplies and personnel made it into New Orleans fast and people were rescued expeditiously with minimum loss of life and suffering?

Nope. What the Bush administration did (or failed to do) during Hurricane Katrina was deliberate, premeditated and criminal...for purely partisan political purposes...and American citizens died.

What if the wreck of the American economy was a strategery engineered by conservative and religious fanatic members of the wealthiest 0.1% of Amerika to destroy the immoral economic clout of the middle class? Look at some of the things Robert Bork and the religious right were saying during the Clinton era.

What if Bu$hie knew perfectly well there were no WMD in Iraq?

What if the surge in fuel prices and the subsequent collapse of Detroit was all part of an energy policy intentionally engineered by a certain vice-president and the smartest (and most evil) guys in the room?

What if they knew torture was good for nothing except providing a source for policy statements justifying their own increasing grip on power?

What if they knew that Al Qaeda was going to fly airplanes into buildings back in August 2001 and just, you know, got out of the way because the chips would fall nicely?

Now, consider this, what if Barack Obama lets them all, their minions, their sycophants, and their spooks just glide away quietly into the night?

They'll be back. You can count on it. Chaos is the plan.

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