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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Company's War on Gaza

And I bet you thought it was the Israeli government running their little party when really it was the same people that own Joe the Mouth of Sauron Plumber.

How can you tell?

Well, for starters, her name was Kawkab al Dayeh, and she was 4 years old when she met the Company. For the more squeemish, that's her head being dug out of the rubble, and the rest of her body is below. Though why it makes a difference I can't imagine: the innocent dead are the dead.

For some reason the strategery planners in the Company wars from Cambodia to Columbia to the Sudan to Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine love to kill women and children they can't sell into prostitution.

Then there's the fossil fuels no one wants to talk about...

...because it's all about the threat and the terror and the fear and how they hate us for our way of life.

There might be something to that last point after all.

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